Your New Best Friend Is A Robot

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63% of households in Australia and 62% in the US have at least one pet. The most popular worldwide are cats and dogs, although there are actually more pet fish. Other pets include birds, small mammals, farmyard animals, snakes and reptiles, rats and insects. But nowhere in the statistics or reports is there any reference to the newest pet, one supremely suited to the modern lifestyle.

Robot vacuum cleaners may be sold as household appliances, but that’s not why people buy them. Like other pets they are companions. Their owners give them names, watch them, talk to them, show them off to their friends, and when they break down, often want them repaired not replaced, even if the repairs are more expensive.

As a vacuum cleaner their performance is somewhat lacking. They don’t clean corners; their carpet cleaning is superficial and doesn’t remove deep down dirt; they only pick up small grit, they get stuck under furniture, handknotted rugs Brisbane and they can only clean a relatively small area at a time. People however readily accept less than perfect behaviour from a pet; don’t mind having to rescue them occasionally; and understand their pet’s need to stop frequently for food or rest.

As a pet, a robot vacuum cleaner is close to ideal, with most of the features people look for in a pet with a great design. If you like conversation, they use a range of beeps to communicate, including ones that says “I’m stuck” or “I’m hungry”; which is a lot more than you get from a fish. They will show off their repertoire of tricks on demand, unlike cats. There are hours of enjoyment to be had watching their regular meanderings across the floor, and if you like uncertainty, there are breeds/models that move in a totally random fashion. A snake on the other hand may not move for weeks.

Robot vacuum cleaners are the pet for those otherwise unable have a pet. The lease may prohibit it; a lack of mobility or frequent absences may make it difficult to provide regular care; the cost of keeping a pet may be too high and in places where hygiene is an issue pets may be excluded, despite their proven value in therapy. People in hospital for extended periods however would surely prefer to be woken by a friendly little robot, than by hospital cleaning staff with a mop. Robot pets require very little care or ongoing expense, just a small amount of electricity, a clean out of the litter, and the occasional wipe over. They can be left alone for weeks if necessary

There are an increasing number of new breeds/ models available, including ones that wash and scrub floors. If you want an outdoor pet, there are robots that mow grass. And a large one for factory cleaning is just being released, so you can now take your pet to work.


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