Understanding What Horticulture Is

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Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that involves the science of growing and cultivating plants. It includes cultivation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, algae, flowers, seaweeds, medicinal plants and etc. Horticulturist uses their knowledge to grow plants in many different manners and it is divided into many other categories.Further horticulture includes many areas of study such as, arboriculture the study of planting, caring and removal of trees, vines and shrubs.

This includes using proper mulch Glen Waverley to keep the plants healthy and beautiful. People who engage in the study of arboriculture are known as arborists. Their expertise is needed for parks and grounds to make sure all the plants in the surrounding are not only safe but also maintained and taken care of for the enjoyment and benefit of human beings.Another are of horticulture is turf management is the study of producing and maintaining turf grass for sports and leisure use, floriculture is the study of producing floral crops. The skill required will vary depending on the location and the sport played. For Tennis courts there is a certain method used that requires the court to be maintained using mulch and fertilizers. Similarly golf courses and football pitches have certain standards that are required to be maintained.Floriculture is the study of cultivating floral plants for gardens.

There are many types of flowers and a floriculturist can mix and match as they can combine different species of flowers and create a new breed. These flowers are shown in many garden shows around the world and many famous floriculturists join in. These shows are among the most popular shows in the world with many people around the world attending.Landscape horticulture or landscape architects specialize in creating desired landscapes for aesthetic attractiveness, outdoor public areas and landmarks to name a few. This means a landscape horticulturist should investigate the condition of the location and determine what is required to change it. A landscape horticulturist’s work includes site planning, storm water management, environmental restoration and landscape designing. Landscape horticulturists are high demand as they are able to change landscapes. This is an important requirement when people start expanding into new territory.Olericulture is another growing field of horticulture because it focuses on the growing, cultivation and storing of vegetables for food. Due to a change in climates growing crops can be difficult in certain regions so olericulturists are trying to work around this to grow edible food. Each vegetable has a different method to be used to grow and cultivate it.

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