Smoothening The Surface Of Your Walls With A New Type Of Cement

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Rendering your walls before applying paint means a lot to your house. If a professional has done your rendering, then this means that your walls would be weather-proofed and very well-polished. It also keeps your walls strong and may last longer.

In traditional rendering, cement is being used to make the walls smooth but using cement could not usually get the job done right. A professional render should be hired who should have a lot of skills and experience and this could be really costly.

In today’s technology, mac render is introduced to the community to easily smoothen the walls. It can be used in the surfaces of clay, blocks, and concrete bricks, concrete Portsea or existing renders out of cement. 

Preparation, application and curin

Preparing the rendering mix is easy. You’ll just need a mixing vessel that could hold at least 15 liters, then add your water of 4 liters and add the mac render powder of 20 kg bag slowly. You need to pour down the whole content and just add some water for you to achieve the consistency that you want. Leave the mixture for about 2 minutes before you apply it to your wall and maintain an eco-friendly operation.

Before you apply the mixed substance, make sure that there areno unnecessary materials on it like excess water, dirt, grease, mould or moss. Apply the mixture evenly to your walls with a steel float.

If any spills occur, clean it with water immediately. Always wear protective gears like dust respirator, safety glasses, gloves, and proper clothing. Sweep the spilled area properly and make sure no substance is left behind. Finally, put the gathered spillage into a sealable container and label it.Now, let the newly rendered wall be firm before applying larger plastic, timber or polyester floats. Then, wait for 5 days minimum before applying your desired paint. If there are entrapped walls in your house, let it cure longer than your regular walls.

Only render your walls if the weather is not too hot or not too cold because this could change the thickness of your mixture rapidly. Also, if the rendering is still fresh,don’t let it get wet. Try using a mist spray when it is already firmed to protect it from water or other materials that may damage it.

For the proper curing process of your rendered wall, don’t let your wall dry too quickly. After the days of your application, lightly hose your wall to improve its durability and strength. This will ensure that your coatings will last longer and your wall will be protected from any moisture and damage.

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