Inground Pools – How To


If you are thinking about taking the plunge and getting an inground pool then now has probably never been a better time as pool installers in Melbourne are offering discounts on inground pools, and pretty much all types of pools, to buy now and install in the summer.

If you are on the lookout for a pool then this might be the bargain that you have been looking for.

But before you can decide when you need to buy a pool you firstly need to know what to buy, inground pool wise. Inground pools shouldn’t be taken lightly and the decision should be one which your pour over because the amount of money that goes into an inground pool is typically in the tens of thousands, and not too many people have that kind of money to throw down the drain or into their inground pool, so to speak.

The main thing to look for in an inground pool is the kind of inground pool you want, or better yet the type of pool that will suit your needs better than the others. There are a few different kinds of inground pool types and here is a guide on what they have to offer.

The Concrete Pool

The concrete inground pool is the most popular form of inground pool and also the most expensive form of inground pool. There are quite a few reasons for that but the main reason is because inground pools pumped with concrete can be tailor made to the specifications that you need, which makes your inground pool pretty much unique.

The second key point is that concrete inground pools are also very durable because they are filled with concrete which is very long lasting. Concrete inground pools are not popular because they are fancy or look the best aesthetically, they are popular because they are flexible and they last for a very long time which is a key factor if you are spending an average of twenty five grand minimum on an inground pool.

There is one disadvantage and that is the time it takes for the concrete to set which affects when your pool will be ready, which in most cases is around six to twelve weeks.


Vinyl inground pools are next in line when it comes to the popularity of inground pools and their big advantage is that they are obviously cheaper but also they only take one to weeks to install which is a very good turn around for an inground pool.

The disadvantage is that they can be easily damaged because pointy and sharp objects in the pool can damage the lining.


Installation for a fibre inground pool is very quick and takes up to three days which is weeks shorter than the other types of inground pool, mainly because they are factory made and then ‘dropped’ in.

The disadvantage is what you need to get it installed – your backyard has to be big enough for a crane to install a fibreglass inground pool.