Home Improvement: Diying Vs Hiring A Professional Painter


Painting activities such as interior painting might seem like an easy task. A lot of people think so. Most of them conceive the idea that it can be done by anyone. Well the idea is somewhat misleading. Bear in mind that the level of difficulty will be entirely based on the extent of work that has to be done. Therefore, if you’re thinking of doing-it-yourself, you need to weigh the task at hand.

What you need for DIY house painting:

• Paint brush

• Roller

• Paint

• Sand paper (to even out some uneven surfaces)

• Cutter (entirely optional and can be used to remove wall paper)

• Cleaning materials

• Basic tools (entirely optional, can be used if some furnitures will be disassembled and repainted)

• Used paper, calendar and etc. (to cover surfaces that will not be painted)

The right preparations

• If you’re going to do it DIY style, then you should start by cleaning the area that you are going to repaint. Bear in mind that accumulated dust should be removed because it will ruin the paint that you’re going to apply. Clean the surfaces that will be painted and cover the area where paint will not be applied.

• Estimate the amount of paint that needs to be used. Apart from that, determine the color that you want, bear in mind that it should match if not contrast your furnitures and fixtures. In that way, the area that will be subjected to interior painting will look elegant and stylish.

Advantage and disadvantage of DIY home painting

The main reason why people choose to DIY tasks like painting their own home is because they don’t want to spend too much for professional fees of painters. That method has a setback though. Inexperienced people tend to be too lax. Thus, they will not be able to perform the task in the same manner that a professional would. Apart from that, an inexperienced painter or a DIYer might miss out on some spaces. That will lead to an unpleasant output.

Hiring professionals

The greatest advantage of hiring professional service is that they have the experience needed to perform the task. Thus, they will not miss out on areas that need to be painted. You will also be assured of the quality of work. After all, their experience in the craft that is painting cannot be neglected.

Ultimately, the decision has to be based on the amount of work that has to be done. If the painting job will not be centered on interior painting but a major overhaul, then a professional should be hired. Apart from the fact that a professional will be able to perform the task properly, he will also be able to do it in a time efficient manner. That is quite useful especially if the painting job needs to be finished in a hurry.