Advantages Of Interactive Metronome Program

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One of the hardest things to take as a parent is finding out that your child has a problem, mostly a medical condition, which may have an effect on him through his development and most probably throughout the rest of his life. For this reason some parents choose to hide their kids whereas others just neglect them as a result of disappointment in themselves and major denial problems. This may not only cause further worsening in the child’s development but may also cause family problems among other things that are likely to happen. Some parents may want to take their kids to seek medical help and in most cases since they do not understand what form of help and therapy the child may be put in, they just refuse to have the child helped. In most cases, the therapy takes up a good amount of money and a lot of time too but still ends up helping the child but the parents may not be as patient to wait or as willing to see the child through the progress. 

One of the recent forms of therapy that have been developed to help kids with skill development problems is a program known as the Interactive Metronome Program. This program is designed to train the brain to design, arrange and process information given to it through repetition and cooperative exercises. This effective and efficient programs takes a period of about five weeks maximum with around fifteen sessions that take an hour each. During these sessions, the child is required to wear headphones through which sound comes through that guide the child’s movements. The child’s focus remains on the metronome beat and this helps in improving the child’s concentration as the child is not distracted by other things and noises from outside. The child in a way masters this mental control that is learned repetition throughout the sessions. Each session is different from the other and they get harder as the child progresses each day. They employ cognitive and physical activities that are supposed to help develop and advance the brain so that in the end it can modify itself through neuroplasticity. Apart from taking very little time to help the child, it also is a drug-free form of therapy and can help the child develop a wide range of abilities that could help him in future.

When it comes to children, the therapist may have to focus on a number of things which include eye-contact, concentration, self-help and regulation and sometimes even handwriting. Interactive metronome may be applied so as to focus of the supporting this skills neurologically and it comes in very handy as the metronome sounds efficiently. The main agenda of the interactive metronome therapy is to bring a long lasting improvement to the child’s capabilities meaning that at the end of the program, the child not only develops better focus but he can also read fluently and even be able to process language this program is also applied to some aged care Southern Highlands.

For those that may not opt for the interactive metronome form of therapy, there is a wide range of therapy programs that a child could be enrolled in by the therapist in charge of the Occupational Therapy for Children. It is a wide area that deals with children’s psychological, emotional and physical needs thus seeking to have a great impact and improvement on the entire development of the child and therefore you can get a lot of help.

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