Month: February 2017


Before defibrillators brought us into the technological age of medical techniques, CPR was (and still can be) the most effective technique for restarting the heart. Nowadays it still has a place where an electrical socket just isn’t available. That means, practically everywhere outdoors, especially in natural(ish) environments. When firefighters need to rescue hostages from fiery situations, they may need to use CPR in case of asphyxiation risks. Lifeguards at beaches often have to rescue hapless victims from dangerous waters. There’s a high chance of someone drowning so CPR is used not only to restart the heart but also an attempt to dislodge and release any water the person may have swallowed. CPR is a tried and tested technique that’s available 24/7. However, defibrillatorsstill have a place, especially in hospitals where excessive force to the chest could actually kill a patient instead. 

The proper and safe use of a defibrillator requires some research and monitored practice. You can’t just press it to someone’s chest and expect them to come out unscathed. There is a step by step process needed to get the best results possible.

1. Defibrillators can only work on bare skin. Remove clothing as much as possible in order to obtain proper access.

2. The affected area cannot have any moisture. It must remain as dry as possible or the moisture could tamper with the machinery. 

3. The defibrillator does not start working as soon as you plug it in. Much like a car engine or lawnmowers Whangarei, you need to give it time to warm up.

4. You can’t just place the paddles wherever you please. There is a designated spot on the chest area that it must be applied to. Make note of it.

5. Finally, apply the paddles and push. Don’t just tap the area, actually apply pressure. The patient needs to feel it working

The defibrillator has a rather interesting history behind it for such an important machine. Did you know that it was born from a concept developed in the late 18th century? Thanks to Peter Christian Abigaard from Denmark, people learned that hearts could be stopped and then restarted with the aid of electricity. Along the timeline, the technique was tested on animals with moderate success. When it was discovered almost at the turn of the 20th century that the technique could restart dog hearts, it was time for the next step. It took almost three decades for someone to start actually developing defibrillators. Only after their safe creation could they then be used on humans. And the rest can almost speak for itself.


If you are lucky enough to have a garden of your own, it is important that you take care of it and make use of it because not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden of their own. Most people dream of having a garden of their own because of the many things that you can do with a garden and the absolute peace and comfort that it brings but unfortunately due the number of apartments, high rise building and flats on rent in the world that we live in.

Get a professional

If you have not taken care of your garden for a long time, you will need to hire a professional landscaper in Cranbourne to come in and clear up your garden and put it in order. You will need to get your garden in order to have the right amount of trees, plants and the right amount of open space.

Landscaping is different from regular gardening in that it is an art. A professional will take a designing your dream garden and turn it in to a thing of beauty.

The exact way you will want your garden to look will depend on what you are going to do with it once it is done. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax in the evening with a good book and a cup of coffee, then you will want to have a lot of open space and a very relaxing look to your garden. On the other hand, if you are looking to start growing food, you will want to have different spaces for the different plants that you will be growing.

Learning to grow food

Growing food is one of the best things that you can do for many different reasons. On the one hand, growing food means that you will constantly have a supply of organic food which is always a good thing because most of the food that we eat on a daily basis is laced with chemicals, pesticides and many other dangerous substances. Most people cannot afford to buy organic food because it sells at almost ten times the price of its traditionally grown counterpart and this is out of the reach of most people. Growing food also means that you will be able to save a lot of money in general because you will now be able to pluck your healthy food off your own tree as opposed to buying it at the supermarket where it will cost you a lot of money because the prices of food are so high.

Where else would you spend your hard earned money other than for the place you live in. while there are other options that many people can think of to answer the question the main focus here will be making your home more attractive and comfortable to live in. comfort goes a long way to make your lifestyle better and make you a positive person. For this to happen think of buying what’s best for the place in the first place.

A main way for comfort to come into your lifestyle is by the night’s sleep you take. Buy natural latex mattresses for the beds in the house. These mattresses are durable and are highly likely to last a good 20 – 25 years. Buying these for all the beds of the house can be considered as an investment you make. Even for the guest rooms for when visitors come over. They are sure to be impresses by the comfort of your house. You can look for suppliers on the internet and can find great ones that will even provide custom mattresses for your requirements. Click here for more info on natural latex mattresses.

In other items that can be bought are organic pillows Australia. Getting bedding that are made of natural material will also promote nature inside the house. Fungus growth can also be low in these pillows. You can stop worrying about neck aches and not being able to get a good sleep.

In other things that can be bought are furniture. Get a good chair set for the front porch. This can vary from 2 to 4 chairs according the space you have to spare. This would be the first thing that is visible to anyone passing by the house. Make sure to buy an elegant set. Going wooden may not be a good choice given that the furniture would need to be left out of the house.

Think about getting good roofing solutions for the house. Two factors that can be considered when buying things are the durability and the look of the items. Many products come equipped with one of them. If cost is not a factor that you consider go for the durable and elegant products. While cost is important to consider in every case think of it as an investment towards the house and something that you buy to make your life easier. These are some thoughts on why you need to buy what is best for your home. Considering these can come as an advantage if you ever think of selling the price. This would contribute by making the selling price higher.

One of the hardest things to take as a parent is finding out that your child has a problem, mostly a medical condition, which may have an effect on him through his development and most probably throughout the rest of his life. For this reason some parents choose to hide their kids whereas others just neglect them as a result of disappointment in themselves and major denial problems. This may not only cause further worsening in the child’s development but may also cause family problems among other things that are likely to happen. Some parents may want to take their kids to seek medical help and in most cases since they do not understand what form of help and therapy the child may be put in, they just refuse to have the child helped. In most cases, the therapy takes up a good amount of money and a lot of time too but still ends up helping the child but the parents may not be as patient to wait or as willing to see the child through the progress. 

One of the recent forms of therapy that have been developed to help kids with skill development problems is a program known as the Interactive Metronome Program. This program is designed to train the brain to design, arrange and process information given to it through repetition and cooperative exercises. This effective and efficient programs takes a period of about five weeks maximum with around fifteen sessions that take an hour each. During these sessions, the child is required to wear headphones through which sound comes through that guide the child’s movements. The child’s focus remains on the metronome beat and this helps in improving the child’s concentration as the child is not distracted by other things and noises from outside. The child in a way masters this mental control that is learned repetition throughout the sessions. Each session is different from the other and they get harder as the child progresses each day. They employ cognitive and physical activities that are supposed to help develop and advance the brain so that in the end it can modify itself through neuroplasticity. Apart from taking very little time to help the child, it also is a drug-free form of therapy and can help the child develop a wide range of abilities that could help him in future.

When it comes to children, the therapist may have to focus on a number of things which include eye-contact, concentration, self-help and regulation and sometimes even handwriting. Interactive metronome may be applied so as to focus of the supporting this skills neurologically and it comes in very handy as the metronome sounds efficiently. The main agenda of the interactive metronome therapy is to bring a long lasting improvement to the child’s capabilities meaning that at the end of the program, the child not only develops better focus but he can also read fluently and even be able to process language this program is also applied to some aged care Southern Highlands.

For those that may not opt for the interactive metronome form of therapy, there is a wide range of therapy programs that a child could be enrolled in by the therapist in charge of the Occupational Therapy for Children. It is a wide area that deals with children’s psychological, emotional and physical needs thus seeking to have a great impact and improvement on the entire development of the child and therefore you can get a lot of help.